Editorial Portraits

When I consider how my light is spent...
— John Milton


What is an editorial portrait?

Everyone has a story worth sharing.  

But can a "pretty" photo session in the park really celebrate the fact that...  

You're a third generation firefighter...

A dedicated teacher...

An ironman...

Growing the most epic beard of your life...

Editorial portraits are lasting images that share what's important about you.  

What does a editorial portrait session involve?

Each session is unique.  We always begin with a consultation, so we can find out more about you and the story you want to share.      

The photography itself will usually happen in 1-2 locations that are the most meaningful for the story we're telling, and the total process will usually take a couple of hours.

The total fee for an editorial portrait session is $450.

How many photos are delivered from a editorial session?  

After the session, we will create an online proofing gallery for you.  You will select your 20 favorite images from the session. Once you select your 20 favorites, we do an extra retouch to make sure they are perfect, and then we deliver your final high resolution images in a personalized online gallery.

Our online galleries look beautiful, work on any computer or device, and allow you to download all the files easily with one click.

You can also share your online gallery with anyone and use it to directly order prints of your photos. (Much easier than standing in line at the photo kiosk in a superstore.)

You own the images forever and there is never any required extra purchase.  

So easy!

Do we have to sit for a sales session after the session?


Is this session just for one person?

An editorial portrait session works best when we can focus our attention and creativity on telling one story.  For that reason, we limit the session to 1-2 individuals.  

For example, you may want some photos of your grandparents who are celebrating their golden anniversary.  In that case, we would do some individual portraits of each of them, and some portraits of them as a couple.   Two individuals, same beautiful story.

Can you take any family or group photos at this session?

Yes!  If we're talking a quick "all together" photo...we always try to make that happen during the session.  

We can also do an add-on family/group mini session option.  Basically, we give you about 45 minutes of extra session time so we can take some snaps of the whole family/group.  

The add-on mini session fee is $200.  You receive 10 extra high-resolution family  images (in addition to the Top 20 from the memoir session).   If preferred, you can even schedule the add on mini-session for a different day/location than the editorial session.