Weddings & Events

Where do I start? We are forever grateful for you & the photographs we have. You are our lifetime photographer!
— Ashton Newman, Chattanooga/TN


What are your wedding photography prices?

8 hours of wedding day coverage is $2400  

8 hours of coverage is BY FAR the most popular choice of our clients.  

We also include a complimentary pre-wedding session when you book us for 8 hours or more.

Weddings & events that require fewer than 8 hours are $300/hr.

Weddings & events that require more than 8 hours are $200/each additional hour over 8.

What is your booking fee?

Our booking fee is $500.  The booking fee reserves your date on our calendar. Because we may turn down other inquiries when you book with us, the booking fee is non-refundable.

How many images do you typically deliver?  

400-500 images is typical for an 8 hour wedding or event.

How do you deliver the images?  Can I print them?

We deliver your final high resolution images in a personalized online gallery.

Our online galleries look beautiful, work on any computer or device, and allow you to download all the files easily with one click.

You can also share your online gallery with anyone and use it to directly order prints of your photos. (Much easier than standing in line at the photo kiosk in a superstore.)

You own the images forever and there is never any required extra purchase.  

So easy!

I'm planning everything last minute...You're probably not available, right?

It never hurts to ask.  So go ahead and send us a message.  

If it turns out we are booked, we can help you find another photographer who is available.